Policies / Shipping

By purchasing Kratom and related products from the seller, the Buyer agrees to all of the following Terms and Conditions:

Seller has the right to change terms at anytime, without notice, in reference to the Buyer (the name “Seller” refers to the website Kratom123.com and the business Kratom123.com in addition to all individuals associated with Kratom123.com.

The term “Buyer” refers to any firm, company, individual or legal entity buying products from the Seller for all purposes.

Products and/or materials that are subjects of this contract are referred to as “Goods”. The term “Contract” applies to the mutual agreement between the Buyer and the Seller for the exchange of goods in a sale.

No one under the age of 21 is allowed to purchase products from Kratom123.com.. At the time of purchase, the Buyer agrees that orders may be subjected to the necessity of an adult signature and/or other proofs of age indicating the Buyer is 21 or older prior to or on the delivery date.

Buyer understands that Goods purchased from Kratom123.com (Seller) are intended solely and only for scientific research and development purposes. In no way are products sold by the Seller meant for human consumption, regardless of the circumstances. Buyer further agrees that consuming Goods offered by the Seller is a deliberate misuse of all and any Goods.Buyer will therefore not hold or claim Seller is responsible for all consequences occurring to the Buyer as a result of consuming Seller’s products, whether consequences are unforeseen or seen or unforeseen. Buyer will not hold Seller responsible for any injury or harm resulting from the misuse of products sold by Kratom123.com (Seller)

Risk of loss and regulation concerns the Buyer accepting full responsibility for any local laws pertaining to or associated with the purchase of Goods. Seller preemptively declares that the offer and sale of Goods is automatically void where prohibited. Goods lost during transport to Buyer because of Buyer negligence, i.e., abeyance of any and all applicable laws, is the responsibility of the Buyer. Any risk of loss is transferred immediately to Buyer upon purchasing of Goods.

Billing and shipping information provided by Buyer to Seller is affirmed by Buyer as being accurate and truthful. Buyer confirms all personal information given is solely Buyer’s information and is not that of any third party.

Billing and shipping information provided by Buyer to Seller is affirmed by Buyer as being accurate and truthful. Buyer confirms all personal information given is solely Buyer’s information and is not that of any third party.

Seller has the right to refuse any sale to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

Goods are never sold or shipped to these countries for any reason whatsoever: Poland, Australia,Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Finland, Bhutan, Lithuania, Denmark and Malaysia.

Goods will not be shipped to the U.S. state of Indiana for any reason.

Seller promises to ship Goods to Buyer in an expedited manner. If delays during shipping do occur, Buyer agrees that he/she/they cannot hold the seller liable for delays.

Seller will not provide returns or refunds for any goods returned by the Buyer that have been opened. Only unopened, sealed packages will be accepted and considered for return options by Kratom123.com.

Validity of terms and conditions does not change if pronouncement of one or more than one of these terms and conditions are legally unenforceable, illegal or invalid. All terms and conditions exclusively exist on their own merit. They shall not be concluded as invalid by any alteration in the others, regardless of circumstances.

Terms and conditions, including sale of Goods to Buyers, are established as being both agreed to and occurring in the state of North Carolina. Any clarification or disputes of interpretation, in addition to breach of contract or remedies for enforcement, are applied in accordance and pursuant to North Carolina state laws. Both Seller and Buyer agree that all proceedings and actions emerging from the sale of any and all Goods or the above Terms and Conditions shall be litigated and tried exclusively in the federal or state courts in the state of North Carolina.

Disclaimer of Liability–by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer agrees to eliminate all liability of the Seller for conditions and/or events that cause injury or harm occurring as a result of the purchase, misuse, or use of Goods obtained from Kratom123.com.

By purchasing Goods, Buyers unequivocally affirming the following:

  • I am over 21 years of age. I am an adult under the laws of my country or state.
  • I am in good health, of sound mind and body and capable of making my own representations and decisions.
  • LIMITATION AND DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES–I clearly and completely understand that all
    information and Goods obtained from the Seller are provided “AS IS”. Goods are not under any implied or
    expressed warranty. All or any implied warranties or fitness for a particular purpose are expressly
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Seller be liable a third party or me (Buyer) for any injuries or damages
    as a consequence of using, misusing or improperly using Goods. Neither will the Seller be liable, to the
    Buyer (me) or any third party, for actions taken by me or all third parties that result from relying on views
    or information, either in literature or verbal, obtained through the Seller by any means. Waiving liability
    encompasses and includes all damages whether similar, incidental, special or consequential.
  • I, the Buyer, agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Seller and all parties involved, including but not
    limited to their employees, owners, affiliates, officers and associates for all damages occurring as a
    consequence of the misuse, use and/or purchase of Goods. Seller and all aforementioned associated
    parties/entities shall not be held accountable under any theory or circumstance whatsoever.
  • No circumstance shall exist where Seller shall be liable for any damages whether direct or indirect, special,
    incidental, consequential or punitive.

I HAVE CLEARLY READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. I ALSO UNDERSTAND AS WELL ALL WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARNINGS PRINTED ON GOOD’S LABEL. I, the Buyer, do hereby agree and state that I will fully abide by these warnings and cautions and also abide by and follow any and all warnings stated on Kratom123.com website regarding proper use of the product.

Shipping Policy


Kratom123.com is acting as an import agent for companies wanting to import large (20 kilos or more per order) quantities of Kratom to the U.S.A.

Orders are shipped from overseas and typically takes between 7 to 10 days to be delivered to their designated destination.

If an order is stopped by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or customs, Kratom123.com will act as the customer’s agent by representing the customer’s best interests to resolve any obstacles preventing their package from being released.

Occasionally, Kratom123.com may require customers who have ordered Kratom to complete paperwork in order to get their order released and shipped to the U.S. If, for some reason, the customer does not want to fill out the necessary paperwork or fails to do so, Kratom123.com cannot guarantee the delivery of goods and will have to return the package to the overseas supplier.

In the majority of cases, all packages are delivered without issue due to the proactive work Kratom123.com performs ahead of the shipment.

If Kratom123.com has exhausted all its resources and is unsuccessful in getting a seized package released for shipment to the U.S., we will refund the customer 100 percent of their money.

Kratom123.com will not place orders with suppliers until funds covering the orders are received in an escrow account.

Customers receive this overseas shipping service free from Kratom123.com.
Kratom123.com promises to do everything possible to make sure customers receive their orders successfully and in a timely manner.

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exporters with proven track
record for delivery.

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